Reflections on BETT 2020 – Phil Hedger, LEO Academy Trust

hillip Hedger, CEO of LEO Academy Trust

At BETT (the British Educational Training and Technology show) this year, there was a real focus on the difference impactful use of technology can have on our students’ futures. The message was clear: impactful use of technology can help save teachers time – time that can be redirected back into the classroom; and it is in the classroom where investment in technology needs to have the biggest impact.

As we know, the world of work is changing, and it is because of this that our students need a new set of skills to thrive in the 21st Century. Technology for learning therefore can no longer simply be about the adoption of technology, but instead, about thoughtful absorption. Digital literacy cannot be approached as an ‘add-on’ or an afterthought within the curriculum. It must become a part of a school’s DNA, and an integral part of its daily culture. Research identifies world class companies as being ‘digitally savvy’ because they absorb IT. This is what our schools should now be striving for.


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