Strategy Consultancy

We provide strategy consultancy in a number of areas exclusively for Trusts where the CEO or COO is currently a member of Forum Strategy, including:

Visioning and Strategy Development Days

Forum Strategy delivers this one day event for trustees and executives in order to reflect on contextual wisdom – drawing on key social, economic, educational, and demographic trends – to refine their vision and to set strategy across the Trust. As well as providing a rich analysis of research and key trends, Forum Strategy enables trustees and executives to work together to reflect on their own growth and development within that context – and to undertake a number of activities in order to set strategy in response. We also provide an overview of key education and trust sector developments; drawing on analysis of successes and failures across the system – as well as identifying examples of new and innovative practices that contribute to sustained organisational success.

These days provide a rich mix of high quality professional development; practical activities that inform strategy; and a written summary of the event.

For more information on how to access a visioning and strategy development day for your trust board and executives, please email 

“Thank you Forum Strategy for supporting us through today, I am so excited about what comes next. The feedback on the event has been fantastic… I think we will look back on this as a significant turning point for the Trust.”

Chair of Trustees of a Multi-Academy Trust

Employer of Choice Strategy

Forum Strategy supports Trusts to develop their employer of choice strategy; drawing on our research and analysis of evolving employee expectations and approaches undertaken by successful organisations across private, public and third sectors, and our analysis of new and innovative practices within the trust sector.

As part of this process we undertake consultation and training with trustees and senior executives on employer of choices issues; review current practices and approaches within the organisation; and make a full set of recommendations – including providing a draft employer vision statement – for the board and executive team to take forward. We present all our findings and strategic recommendations to the board.

To engage us in helping you to develop your employer of choice strategy, please email:

“Delighted with the work you have done for us on being an employer of choice. So impressive and really aligned with our thinking and practices. It has also helped us to focus more clearly on what we need to do next.” 

Phillip Hedger

CEO, LEO Academy Trust

Academy Trust SEND Reviews

Forum Strategy offers the opportunity fort Trusts to undertake a review of their offer for children with special educational needs and disabilities, facilitated by Natalie Packer, author of ‘The Perfect SENCO’. The aims of the review are to support the trust to develop an understanding of the key strengths, areas for development and next steps around SEND provision and outcomes; and to provide a developmental opportunity that promotes on-going discussion and reflection over time in a supportive manner. The review makes use of the Whole School SEND (WSS) MAT Review framework and focuses on evaluating 5 key areas:

    • Leadership
    • Identification
    • Tracking and monitoring
    • Intervention
    • Provision

The process is based on a peer-review approach. The nature of the review process can be flexible, according to the needs of the trust, but often includes the following:

  • Discussions with the CEO and other members of the executive team
  • Review of any available paperwork / policies / documentation
  • Discussions with Principals / Headteachers
  • Discussions with SENCOs
  • Analysis of any available SEN identification and/or outcomes data
  • If Analysis of evidence from any individual academy SEND Reviews that have taken place (this can be from the trust’s own reviews or can be carried out as part of the MAT review)
  • Written report highlighting key strengths, areas for development and next steps agreed

To find out more about accessing this offer, please email 

“The experience was extremely beneficial and insightful. It has provided the foundation for the next phase of our Inclusion and Diversity Strategy and the deployment of our newly appointed Directors of Inclusion and Wellbeing. Natalie was excellent to work with too.” 

Jenn Plews

CEO, Northern Star Academies Trust

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Strategy Development Sessions

Forum Strategy delivers this half day session for Trust Boards and executive teams to guide the shaping of a Trust wide strategy to drive equality, diversity and inclusion across the organisation. Drawing on the expertise of our partner organisations, the latest research and intelligence on EDI issues (including but not limited to our national report on diversity amongst CEOs) and sharing good practice from within the education sector and beyond, we provide the opportunity for open and honest dialogue and support Trusts to set some realistic, measurable objectives that align with their overall vision and strategy. We broadly explore the following (but tailor content depending upon where the Trust is currently up to with the work):

  • Legal obligations and considerations (including the Equality Act 2010 and it’s implications at Trust level)
  • Strategic aspects (how the work will enable the delivery of wider objectives for the Trust)
  • Uncover challenges and guide honest, open and respectful discussions
  • Setting of objectives that meet strategic aims and are realistic, measurable and time specific
  • Resources and skills/knowledge analysis (exploring gaps that may need to be addressed)

For more information on how to access an EDI strategy development session for your trust board and executives, please email

In addition to the above, if your Trust has a particular strategy consultancy need that is not covered here, please do contact us and we may be able to help or link you to relevant organisations.