Communication through crisis – hints and tips for trusts and schools

Katie Whirledge

Communication is key and content is king, even more so during periods of unrest and uncertainty. I would say that; I run a communications company. But, as most of us are being bombarded with policy, procedure, best practice, bad practice and endless offers of support from well-meaning companies, how can we ensure we’re providing regular and accurate insight and updates to our parents at this time? Well, we do what everyone can do in these unprecedented circumstances. We do our best.

Schools and trusts have their own unique relationship with their parents – ie an established school with an experienced head, and an embedded trust with a quality collaboration of teachers, heads, chairs, boards and governors, will have already set its own communication strategy.  I have the privilege of working with some of you, and hearing from most of you, and I’ve been really heartened by the communication I’ve been seeing at the coalface.


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