Emerging from the crisis; 4 steps towards a better future for education – Andrew Morrish

Andrew Morrish

One of the things we have learnt during these difficult times has been that life finds a way. Despite the emerging impact of coronavirus, CEOs have continued to model to the world (politicians included) how to lead in a crisis. Despite a continued backdrop of mistrust, anxiety, and uncertainty, they have demonstrated remarkable constraint and resolve throughout lockdown.


We have seen lots written about the impact of Covid19, not just on the situation as it currently stands, but also in terms of what the future educational landscape might look like. Attempts at trying to distil this have been made valiantly by CEOs across Forum Strategy;s networks, reminding leaders of the need to focus only on those things that you can control or have influence on. It is timely, and welcome advice, but for CEOs who operate mainly in a world of ‘objective, strategy, and tactic’, it can cause anxiety and tension. Strategic plans and longer-term objectives have understandably been cast aside as the priority has been entirely on tactical day-to-day matters. Reluctantly, reactive leadership has taken centre stage, and CEOs have had to adapt and be nimble in their response.


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