Thriving Trusts; Thinkpiece 1

‘Making The Case’ for joining a Thriving Trust.

In this series of thinkpieces, we introduce the concept of a ‘Thriving Trust’., beginning with how trust leaders make the case to schools who may wish to join them.

The imperative behind a shift in language is that – in contrast to the language of ‘effective’ or ‘strong’ trusts, which may feel quite mechanical or top down – we need to bring schools, staff, families, and communities with us in growing trusts and, indeed, in nurturing the trust sector as whole. So, together, we will develop principles and a deeper understanding of what it means to be a Thriving Trust where all feel connected, understood, supported, and inspired to flourish in a changing and challenging world. We also know that, for so many, sustainable, ethical growth is a core part of being able to fully thrive, and this emphasis will remain at the heart of our discussions.

The thinkpiece is built around an initial set of six principles for what makes a Thriving Trust, drawn from the #BeingTheCEO framework and expanded upon in more detail, including:

  • A collective vision that galvanises schools and communities to work together in serving the next generation
  • Great shared and distributed governance that generates even better support, accountability, and professional- and social-capital
  • The culture, capacity and systems that make school to school improvement at scale an organisational habit
  • The ability to draw on collective expertise, resource and support in order to be employer of choice
  • The ability to maximise public funds and generate greater resource to the benefit of pupils, whilst working towards a more environmentally sustainable future
  • Local identity and the scale of our reach to be at the heart of our communities, as a focal point for area-wide, cross-sector partnerships that maximise opportunities for all our children, staff and schools.

We will share more thinking around the concept of a ‘Thriving Trust’ following wider consultation with CEOs, trust leaders, and the wider sector in the coming weeks.


You can now read the first thinkpiece in full here:

Professional development resource for #TrustLeaders Network members (login required):

#TrustLeaders Members’ Masterclass – Connecting and engaging with schools who could potentially join your trust

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