The role of mindfulness in ‘Being the CEO’ – Dr. Alan Lee

Dr Alan Lee

Dr Alan Lee is the CEO of the Bedfordshire Schools Trust (BEST), a Trustee of the Mindfulness in Schools Project (MiSP) and a member of Forum Strategy’s #TrustLeaders Strategy Group focusing on pupil and staff wellbeing. In this interview Alan shares his expertise on the topic of mindfulness, and explains how the practice enriches his approach to leadership.

What is mindfulness?

Many definitions of mindfulness exist.  My definition would include three essential elements.  Firstly, adopting a beginner’s mind. This is the willingness to see everything as if it were for the first time.  In doing so, we are freed to be receptive to new possibilities and avoid a ‘this is how we do it’ mentality.  Secondly, nurturing a non-judging approach.  Such an orientation empowers us to see things as they actually are, without getting caught in our own ideas, opinions, likes and dislikes.  Finally, resting in the present moment.  Only by resting in the present moment, do we enjoy the richness of life and the possibilities for growth.  Hopefully, each of these elements makes me a better person and CEO.


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