Recruitment and retention – we need to be better at sharing the success of some MATs

Academy trusts have a big role to play in addressing recruitment & retention challenges; where is their voice?

Michael Pain, CEO, Forum Strategy

Today’s Recruitment and Retention strategy published by the DfE was eagerly awaited by some. Indeed, I know many considered it to be the document that would solve all their problems. They anticipated some sexy strategies and new initiatives that would see prospective teachers clambering to join the profession and more current teachers retreating from the exit door and embracing a new found world of flexible working and reduced workload. Whilst it provides some helpful investment and national-level initiatives, it has failed in my view to share or upscale any innovation that is ensuring the education system keeps up in the ‘war for talent’. It appears very limited in its view and ideas on flexible working for instance, as well as failing examples of successful professional learning communities that reduce workload and provide genuine support networks for teachers – the DfE instead (rather oddly) wanting to launch a sort of parallel national curriculum for teachers in the early years of the profession.


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