MAT Leaders resource: ensuring a positive culture for recruitment & retention

The Embark Federation, as members of our #MATLeaders networks, have kindly worked with us to share their work in ensuring successful recruitment and retention.

As leaders we know that the most important influence on the success of our schools, and the children and young people we all serve, is our staff. Yet, the recruitment and retention of staff is clearly becoming ever more challenging. All too often the pressure of our high accountability system is filtering down to the classroom and impacting on staff wellbeing and motivation. Nevertheless there are some steps that can be taken to mitigate this. Whilst it is challenging, it is important that schools and school leaders do what they can, creating the culture and systems of support which will enable those who teach and care for our children to thrive in their roles and therefore in their wider lives. Rachael Gacs recently visited the Richardson Endowed Primary School in Derbyshire, which alongside Kilburn Junior School forms the Embark Federation, to hear more about their approach.


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