MAT Leaders Resource: Achieving efficiency and financial sustainability

The Academy Transformation Trust: Developing Efficiency, Generating Income, and Ensuring Financial Sustainability

Over the past five years, the Academy Transformation Trust (ATT) has undergone significant changes. After experiencing financial difficulties, the trust has placed an emphasis on finding ways to save money and generate income, in order to ensure long term financial sustainability. In this article, Claire Pritchard, the Chief Operating Officer of ATT, explains some of the key strategies that the trust has undertaken in order to achieve financial sustainability. ATT has 22 academies, made up of both primary and secondary schools, working across 10 local authorities. Claire’s role within the trust involves supporting these academies in ensuring that they manage their human resources and estates effectively, and actively operate group policies and procedures to ensure the best educational outcomes for pupils across the trust. Through this role she has been able to implement a multitude of different initiatives across the trust’s academies to bring down financial costs and drive efficiency throughout the trust.


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