From acorns large oak trees grow – diversity among academy trust leaders

By Sue King and Alex Elliott of Wrigleys Solicitors

(This article is from Wrigleys Solicitors who are commercial partners to Forum Strategy as part of a ‘paid-for partnership’ they have with us. In selecting our partners, we do so with strong reference to their expertise in their field and their commitment to Forum Strategy’s values and ethos.)

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion – what is behind the words?

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) is on the agenda of many boards nationwide. Organisations are working out what EDI means in the context of their own sector and how they can work towards encouraging a more equitable culture. Following on from the impact of George Floyd’s death and movements like “Everyone’s invited” it is to be expected that academy trust boards will be challenged about diversity and equality.


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