#BeingTheCEO – What does it mean to be an employer of choice in 2021 and beyond?

Alice Gregson, Forum Strategy

Whilst CEOs everywhere are focused on the day-to-day impact of the pandemic, the most strategically minded are also very aware of emerging trends that will define organisational success in the years to come. One such area is the rapidly changing make up and expectations of the workforce. Most of us know that an organisation’s ability to succeed through periods of significant change depends on the ability of its people and so recruiting and retaining a committed, productive, healthy workforce must be a business imperative. So, what do changing trends in employment and insights from our ongoing work with CEOs tell us about how you and your board can cultivate a reputation as an employer of choice in 2021 and beyond?

Shifting demographics towards an ageing population (including the potential challenge of mass retirements, particularly at leadership level) are certainly on CEO’s minds – a new global survey of CEOs published this week by PWC explains how the numbers of those retiring substantially outnumber those entering the workforce. Competition for talent – including leadership talent – is therefore likely to be huge and defining in the months and years ahead. However, this emphasis on workforce goes beyond demographics; there is also a need for organisations to adapt and skill themselves up for a new context and to respond the pandemic’s impact on personal and professional environments and how this has changed employees’ expectations.


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