Looking back, looking forwards- x 5 lessons from being a CEO- a quick read

Toby has been a CEO of one of the largest multi academy trusts, CEO of AQA the largest exam board in the UK and was previously the deputy CEO of the National College for School Leadership.  Before that – he was the director of the DfE Innovation Unit, having been a headteacher and leader of a federation of schools. Here he reflects on some of the key lessons from his time as a CEO.

I was delighted to be asked to speak to a new cohort on the ‘Being the CEO’ programme recently. The latest group of participants (all serving CEOs or CEO designates) come from diverse  setting, geography, and backgrounds; an exciting mix. The future looks promising. It’s easy to forget that the academy movement is still relatively new and the world, and ecosystem, for multi-academy trusts is even younger. In many ways as Chief Executives you are making history as you go along. What was striking was how many similarities there are in the challenges that you face with many others.  For example:


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