National #TrustLeaders Symposium 2022 Wrigleys’ Reflection

Forum Strategy’s inaugural National #TrustLeaders Symposium, held in Nottingham on Wednesday 8th June, was truly inspirational. To have Maggie Farrar lead and Sir Steve Lancashire and Sir Michael Barber share their experience and insight and to see CEOs, COOs and Education Executives work together on their development and trust growth was itself an accomplishment. It also showed courage. Courage to give time and space for those attending to work through what accomplishment at scale means for their trusts, rather than fill the agenda with speakers. Courage too for those attending to take the time to step away from the hustle and bustle of their day job to reflect and plan. The insights and areas for development were captured by everyone working together, which was truly inspiring.

One particular highlight for me was the shared sense of moral purpose and the encouragement to be ambitious, which necessarily means we won’t always know how to do it. It’s then about having a myopic focus and consistent clarity to ensure everyone buys in and progress is tracked. It’s about vision first and then the detail. We need to be driven by aspiration and ensure everything is in place to ensure we can achieve for our children and communities. This is where Wrigleys can help. For example, we provide a governance review service which assesses and reports on your effectiveness and compliance and makes recommendations where action is needed. Further information is available here. We also provide strategic and day-to-day advice including with significant changes, growth, HR/employment, admissions, contracts, data protection and the required policies and procedures. Please do get in touch via, 0113 204 1138 or 07955 855 314.

At Wrigleys, we’re all on the journey with you and are excited to see what can be achieved as we take the inspiration and insights from the symposium and continue to be ambitious for the children and communities we serve.

Graham Shaw

Consultant, Wrigleys Solicitors

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