Members of Forum Strategy’s National #TrustLeaders Network can join a variety of events, featuring some of the country’s leading CEOs, Leaders and Thinkers. These events take place both online and at high quality venues around the country. 

In addition we run the National #TrustLeaders Conference, where members are entitled to invite a guest.

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Upcoming events

National #TrustLeaders CEO Network Dates – 2020/21

Please see below confirmed dates for CEO Network meetings in the period September 2020 – July 2021. Please note that attendance at these events depends on renewals being confirmed at the time they are due, with renewal dates for members varying.

19th November 2020, 9.15am – 12.30pm (Online)
17th March 2021, 10am – 3pm (Online)
23rd June 2021, 10am – 3pm (Online)
New Dates TBC

National #TrustLeaders COO Network Dates – 2020/21

Please see below confirmed dates for COO Network meetings in the period September 2020 – July 2021. 

Tuesday 19th January (9.15 – 12.30)
Thursday 4th March (9.15 – 12.30)
Wednesday 12th May (1 – 4pm)
Wednesday 7th July (1 – 4pm)

#TrustLeaders Chairs of Trustees Seminars – 2020/21

These seminars are open to all Chairs of trusts where the CEO and/or COO is a current member of the National #TrustLeaders Network. Each session is run online. (Please note that access to the seminars will depend on renewals being confirmed at a certain point, depending on the date your CEO originally joined #TrustLeaders.) The dates are as follows:

2nd December 2020 (4pm – 5.45pm)
13th January 2021 (4pm – 5.45pm)
3rd March 2021 (4pm – 5.45pm)
28th April 2021 (4pm – 5.45pm)
16th June 2021 (4pm – 5.45pm)

#TrustLeaders Central Team Subscribers’ Online Leaders’ Briefing

These events are specifically for headteacher, central team members, or Chair subscribers to our briefing services. Please note that your trust must have subscribed you as a named individual to our ‘Trust-level’ briefing services in order to attend. The briefing sessions are designed to ensure you are up to speed as leaders operating in the education sector – with a focus on key strategic trends, developments and things to look out for. We will often be joined by our expert partners where appropriate.
Dates currently confirmed:
13th January 9am – 10am
25th February 9am – 10am
28th April 9am – 10am
16th June 9am – 10am