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Forum Strategy is the leading national consultancy and networking organisation for academy trusts. Here is a sample of some of the case studies, resources, materials and articles that we’ve produced in 2018. Our members and subscribers receive a weekly briefing on strategy developments in the sector (and beyond) and a fortnightly funding and grants briefings sharing opportunities amounting to many millions of pounds across the year.

Please note that the following case study material and resources can only be used in leadership development programmes and by commercial providers under express licence by Forum Strategy. All materials are Copyright Forum Education Limited.


Case studies

REAch2 Academy Trust – Vision into practice; how 11B411 is widening children’s educational experiences and raising aspiration: http://hippofish.co.uk/vision-and-purpose-into-practice-enriching-the-lives-of-children-at-reach2-academy-trust/

Focus Trust – Building collective commitment amongst schools and professionals across an academy trust: http://hippofish.co.uk/mat-development-how-mats-can-develop-collective-commitment-for-school-improvement-at-scale/

Flying High Trust – Developing the capacity and processes for achieving school improvement at scale: http://hippofish.co.uk/mat-development-the-evolution-of-a-school-improvement-model/

Embark Federation – securing staff wellbeing for improved retention: http://hippofish.co.uk/mat-leaders-resource-ensuring-a-positive-culture-for-recruitment-retention/

Discovery Trust – recruiting and building an effective trust board: hints & tips: http://hippofish.co.uk/case-study-recruiting-and-building-an-effective-trust-board/ 

Academy Transformation Trust – strategies for achieving efficiency and sustainability: MAT Leaders Resource: Achieving efficiency and financial sustainability

Infinity Academies Trust – Prioritising Pupils’ Mental Health and Wellbeing

Maritime Academy Trust – the successful development of an entrepreneurial curriculum: Maritime Academy Trust – the successful development of an entrepreneurial curriculum

Greenwood Academies Trust – bringing sustainability to a large and geographically distributed trust: CEO In Conversation; Wayne Norrie, Greenwood Academies Trust

Ad Astra Academy Trust: CEO In Conversation; Andy Brown, Ad Astra Academy Trust

Evolve Trust: CEO In Conversation; Claire Cuthbert, The Evolve Trust


Key MAT Development Resources

The 7 pillars of improvement at scale: http://hippofish.co.uk/7-pillars-of-improvement-at-scale/

The 7 pillars of improvement at scale; key questions for boards and executive teams: 7 pillars of improvement at scale: Key questions for boards and exec teams

9 characteristics of effective trust boards: http://hippofish.co.uk/the-9-characteristics-of-effective-trust-boards/

National MATLeaders Conference 2018 resources: http://hippofish.co.uk/national-mat-leaders-conference-2018/

What can MATs learn from franchising?: MATLeaders Resource: What can MATs learn from franchising?

Leaders In Conversation – video interviews with CEOs and executive leaders: http://hippofish.co.uk/leaders-in-conversation-matleaders-resources/

Overview of ‘Summary Evaluations’ of Multi-Academy Trusts: Overview of Ofsted’s approach to ‘summary evaluations’ of MATs.

Being The CEO (a book by Forum Strategy’s CEO, Michael Pain): http://www.johncattbookshop.com/being-the-ceo-the-six-dimensions-of-organisational-leadership


Programmes & networks

Forum’s 6 regional CEO networks: www.forumstrategy.org

Training & development for individual MATs: http://hippofish.co.uk/leadership-training-development/

‘Being The CEO’ programme: Being The CEO programme; Cohort 2


Policy Roundtable reports

Recruiting, retaining and training trustees (2017): http://hippofish.co.uk/policy-roundtable-paper-recruiting-retaining-september-2017/

The role of Ofsted in the inspection of multi academy trusts (2018): http://hippofish.co.uk/policy-roundtable-paper-2-the-role-of-ofsted-in-the-inspection-of-multi-academy-trusts/

Sustainability of MATs in an age of austerity (2018): Policy Roundtable Report 3: Sustainability through an age of austerity



Five key development areas for the MAT sector in 2017/18: Five key development areas for MAT sector in 2017/18

Trusts must be ‘investors’ rather than ‘bean counters’ in order to thrive through austerity: BLOG

View from the other side – reflections of a retired CEO: http://hippofish.co.uk/view-from-the-other-side-reflections-of-a-retired-mat-ceo/

6 differences between the CEO and executive head role: http://hippofish.co.uk/blog-6-things-that-set-the-ceo-role-apart/

The challenges and opportunities currently facing the MAT system: http://hippofish.co.uk/the-mat-sector-needs-better-leadership-from-government-the-time-for-change-is-nigh/

Why so many trusts are yet to develop a compelling vision?: Why so many MATs are yet to develop a compelling vision (and how they can go about forging and embedding one)


All materials are Copyright Forum Education Limited


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