Chairs of Trustees Roundtable 2020 – Wednesday 2nd December 4pm-5.45pm

The next Chairs of Trustees Seminar has been moved from its date on 11th November to Wednesday 2nd December 2020 (4pm – 5.45pm). This is because we are now running the session as a round table for Chairs, from which we hope to understand how boards are operating and adapting during the pandemic, but – just as importantly – to identify the key lessons for the future. The meeting will be Chaired by Michael Pain, CEO of Forum Strategy, together with inputs from leading experts.

Learning from the last nine months; planning for the future

The roundtable will consider how boards have been operating over the last few months, and what lessons and practices boards will take forward for the future. We also want to explore where boards feel they have become more ‘exposed to risk’ during the crisis, and what we can learn from that to support other boards in ensuring the balance between business as usual and responding with success. Finally, we want to hear about how boards are planning for the future. 


1. How has the work of your board changed during the last 9 months?

What have you been doing more of?

Where may there have been a lack of emphasis or focus in recent months given the demands of the crisis?

Ø  Input from Wrigleys Solicitors on what boards may miss during times of crisis

2. What has changed most in terms of your approach to board meetings?

How has your experience of being a Chair changed?

Which positive changes will you take forward, and which changes will you drop after the pandemic?

Ø  Input from Wrigleys Solicitors on staying compliant in times of remote governance.

3. Looking ahead, what are the key strategic priorities for your board and for the organisation?

How have you identified these?

How have your goals and objectives changed from before the pandemic?

Ø  Input from Forum Strategy on preparing for a post-COVID world

Ø  Input from The Key on priorities for the future


Book your place

To book onto this event, you will need to be a Chair of Trustees and your CEO or COO must be a member of the #TrustLeaders network.